I'm Protected

I’m Protected

Battle Blog | Ephesians 6:10-20 - I’m Protected
by Daniel Wagner

Please indulge me as I use the official love of the South to get a point across. If you’ve watched football for any amount of time over the past few years, you’ve no doubt heard the term “Targeting”. Since 2008, the NCAA has implemented rules to prohibit forcible contact using the helmet and targeting defenseless opponents.

Ephesians 6:10-17 is one of the more iconic passages in the book. If you grew up going to church as a child, you probably encountered a VBS lesson, Sunday school lesson, or saw a cheesy poster teaching you about the armor of God. This kind of exposure for some of us has led us to be less than blown away by the fact that God promises to protect and equip us to live our lives to know and honor Him in all that we do.

The real genius of this picture of the armor of God is that armor is used both to defend and attack. We don’t wear armor today, so this fact is a little lost on us, but in the time that Ephesians was written, people would read this and know that armor has both defensive and offensive value. Being protected from arrows, swords, spears, fists, and whatever else people would encounter in battle, would make them more confident in the way that they would fight. They knew that they had protection for the most important, fragile parts of their bodies, and that defense provided a baseline confidence for them to step boldly towards their opponent.

Back to football – this is why they’ve cracked down on targeting. People began to use their helmet, which was issued as protection against head injury, as a weapon to inflict greater pain on their opponent.

So for you and me, we’ve got to remember that God’s protection keeps us safe and sends us out.

Ephesians 6 tells us that God has given us knowledge of Him in the truth, covered us in Jesus’s righteousness, given us the deep lasting peace of the Gospel, calls us to walk in faith when the enemy lies to us and tempts us, is fully accessible to us because of the saving relationship He’s given to us in Jesus, and equipped us with the Bible to know who He is and who we are.

Knowing that God has provided such incredible blessings should lead us to feel confidently equipped to face the challenges that come with Christian life. Knowing we’re protected makes us better employees, friends, spouses, neighbors, students, and children.

We can take bold risks, live lives of generosity, self-denial, and sacrifice, and share our faith, because God’s got us. No matter what Satan may throw our way, we know that no weapon formed against us shall stand (Isaiah 54:17) and that we are fully loved, known, and accepted by God.

Just like a football player that lays it all out there for a hit, because they know their helmet and pads are going to take care of them – the deep security that God gives keeps us safe. This deep sense of protection should propel us boldly to live our life to the fullest for God’s glory.