Jesus As Teacher

Jesus as Teacher

Doubter’s Guide Blog | Jesus as Teacher
by Daniel Wagner

When Jesus teaches us about firm foundation in this passage, it’s easy for Mississippians to get a clear picture of what he’s talking about. If you’ve ever been in a house in the south, there’s a chance you’ve seen a bad foundation. The house I live in gives me a great visual for a good and bad foundation. I’ve got a classic, old Jackson house where what used to be the carport was enclosed a long time ago. So my house that two different foundations, a conventional foundation that is in great shape and a slab that was in total disrepair before we moved in. When we walked in the front door and looked through we couldn’t see the issue with the bad foundation, but once we stood on the unleveled ground and saw the cracks in the wall, we knew that there was an issue with the foundation.  

He points us to two situations, one where a person is stable and strong through the tests, trials, and tragedies of life and another who fell apart when the same things came their way. Jesus shows us the better way.

The visual of building a house is this picture of us building our lives. Jesus points us to a firm foundation as we build up our lives and all that comes with that – our friendships, our relationships, our professional achievements, victories over sin, and everything else that we’d consider a personal accomplishment or personal growth. The person who puts their faith in Jesus has a constant foundation for the things they’ve built to remain, while the person who puts their faith in themselves or anything other than Jesus, eventually sees their life come to ruin, whether in this life or the life to come.

This story comes at the end of the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus has taught us all that simply outwardly obeying the law is no good if our hearts aren’t desiring God’s presence and living with sincerity. Jesus tells us about the two houses as a way to show us that a life built on knowing and living for God is a life of purpose that lasts, while a life lived for anything else but the true God can and eventually will result in disaster.

Hard times, which Jesus calls “the storms of life” are guaranteed in our time on earth, but He promises the people who have put their trust for hope and stability in Him, that they will be sustained through these storms.

So for you and for me, we’ve got to take a at our lives and see what we’ve put at the center of who we are and what we’ve built our lives on. We can put gifts that God has given us at the center of who we are and build our life on that. We can take relationships that God has given us and put them at the center of who we are and build our life on that. We can take academic, personal, or professional achievement that we can put at the center of our life and build our life on that. If our trust, identity, or happiness is centered on anything else but Jesus and who He says we are, we will be set up for disappointment in this life or the next.

Let’s choose the better way of Jesus that brings lasting security and joy to live lives of deep purpose.