Sermon: Paradox - Reign by Serving

Paradox: The Foolish Words of Jesus
”Reign by Serving”

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Group Discussion Guide

What stood out or stuck with you from this sermon?

Read Luke 17:7-10
Why is this passage a little bit puzzling for modern readers? 
What attitude toward serving is Jesus teaching?

In Jesus’ teaching on the importance of serving in the passages below, what additional insights do you gain from thinking about his choice of illustration in each passage? 

Luke 9:46-48
Luke 22:24-27
Mark 9:33-35
John 13:12-15

Read Luke 7:36-50

In the sermon, Robert said “She needed grace for a heart that was broken. He (Simon) needed grace for a heart that was hard.” 

In what ways is this true of them? 

In what ways is this true of you?

In what ways does serving come naturally to you?
In what ways do you see the need to move toward the message and model of Jesus in this important area? 
How can being a part of a faith family help?

For further insights into acts of service and developing the habit of servanthood, consider reading Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster, chapter 9 “ Discipline of Service”

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