Sermon: Paradox - Conquer by Yielding

Paradox: The Foolish Words of Jesus
”Conquer by Yielding”

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Group Discussion Guide

How did the weekend service impact you?
How would you define “killing it”?
In the sermon, we heard “Killing it (doing well and destroying the competition) is killing us”
How do you see this being true?

Read Matthew 16:24
What inspires you about the invitation Jesus gives?
What is hard about this teaching?

What additional insights do you gain about surrender from these passages?
• Romans 12:1,2
• Galatians 2:20
• Philippians 2:1-11

Sunday we heard about Five important areas we often need to surrender at the altar:
1. Possessions
2. Private struggles
3. People
4. Position
5. Plans

How, in your own life, have you seen any of the above surrendered to God?
What point of surrender could be next for you?
In what ways could this group pray for you or care for you in this regard?

For further insights into developing a heart of surrender, consider reading Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.

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