Sermon: Paradox - Living By Dying

Paradox: The Foolish Words of Jesus
”Live By Dying”

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Group Discussion Guide

Paradox: The Foolish Wisdom of Jesus
Sermon Three: Live By Dying

What do you think is the prevailing definition of “The Good Life”? (AKA The American Dream)
Do you see this staying the same or changing and evolving in any way?

John 10:10.
John 7:37-38
John 12:24-25
What does Jesus teach about life?

In this sermon, we were asked to consider the difference between living in a country that is a democracy and participating in a democracy.
Participation means that I read, learn, write, vote, volunteer, educate, and act.
What is the difference between considering yourself to be a Christian and being “in Christ”?

Read John 15:4-5
It was said that the branch’s job is not to produce fruit. It’s the branch’s job to receive from the vine.
How could this be a game changer in your devotional life with Christ?

Read John 15:7
Does this seem more like a burden? (“one more thing to do”)
Or an opportunity? (a way to live differently)

Read Psalms 1.
How is the blessed life described?

We were reminded of five ways to intake Gods Word into our lives
Hear. Read. Study. Memorize. Meditate
How do you define each?
Have you ever made any of these a regular habit?

If you throw a pebble in the ground, nothing happens. If you put a seed in the ground, something happens. Jesus draws the analogy, what’s true of a seed, is true of you. “If you lose your life you will save it”
Close by thinking about how your life has intersected with this truth.
What needs to “die”? What needs to be put in a casket so you can more fully experience the life of Christ?

For further insights into developing practices that lead to freedom and power read Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.

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