Sermon: Paradox - Gain by Giving

Paradox: The Foolish Words of Jesus
”Gain by Giving”

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Group Discussion Guide

Paradox: The Foolish Wisdom of Jesus
Sermon Four: Gain by Giving

What do you remember most from this week’s message?
In what ways are you drawn to generosity?

Read Leviticus 27:30, 2 Chronicles 31:5-6b, Malachi 3:10. What is taught about the tithe?

Read Genesis 4:2-5
What is the difference between the two brothers’s offering?
Why did God look with favor on Abel?

Read Matthew 23:23
What context does Jesus give regarding the tithe?
What importance does Jesus attribute to the tithe?

Read Proverbs 3:9-10 Exodus 23:19 and Exodus 34:19
What is a “first fruit”?

Money is always about trust. It takes no trust to give God leftovers.
What is the spiritual significance of giving a first fruit?

Consider what you do with your first fruits.
What adjustments could you make?

For further insights into developing practices that lead to freedom and power read Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster.

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