Sermon: Paradox - Get Set Free By Letting Go

Paradox: The Foolish Words of Jesus
”Get Set Free By Letting Go”

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Paradox: The Foolish Wisdom of Jesus
Sermon Five “Be Free by Letting Go”

To what degree do you see our society living like “Lamech” (“if anyone inflicted pain on me, I must make them pay!”?)
How do you distinguish between forgiving, forgetting, and excusing?
What are the effects on you when you hang onto resentment and withhold forgiveness?

Read Matthew 6:12. Matthew 6:14,15
What is good about what Jesus commands?
What is hard about what Jesus commands?

Read Colossians 3:13. Ephesians 4:32
What good could be brought if we lived this way? (good into the world/ good into your world)

Read Proverbs 28:13
What wisdom does this give us for living in freedom?

Spend time reflecting on how God has forgiven you. Ask God to let this impact your ability to forgive others.

What could be next for you?
• Time to receive God’s forgiveness?
• Time to forgive yourself?
• Time to forgive another?

For further insights into understanding and experiencing forgiveness, read “PeaceMaker” by Ken Sande.

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