Sermon: Paradox - Small Things Lead to Big Results

Paradox: The Foolish Words of Jesus
”Small Things Lead to Big Results”

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Paradox: The Foolish Wisdom of Jesus
Small Things Lead to Big Results

The world we live in puts a premium on big, flashy, mega, sizzling, and successful.
How do you see this being true?
In what ways does this miss the mark?

Read Matthew 13 (the entire chapter) before group and highlight what you learn from the parable of the seed and the parable of the weeds.

Read Matthew 13:31-32
What does Jesus teach here about life and faith?

An early follower of Jesus said that we plant and water but God causes the growth.
What does this teach us about our life of devotion and responsibility?
What does this teach us about who is really in charge of the results?

In this weekend’s message we were challenged to sow small seeds of faith in three areas:
Small acts of love
Small acts of change
Small acts of courage

Have you ever experienced love growing, change happening or courage increasing by small habits over time?
>Share any of these stories in your group.

Pray together as a group for any areas where this parable can be made real and meaningful.

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