Fondren Church

Community Center Project


“Fondren Church owns the only gym in our area, and we want to see it transformed into a beautiful and functional community center. We dream of the day when this space will be a hub of activity for our neighborhood.”



 The opportunities for this facility are endless. Here are some key areas we envision for the space.

Children and Youth:
Summer camps & sports clinics

A home for those in the fight to overcome

Health & Wellness:
Fitness classes & health fairs

Life Skills
Resume writing & employment assistance

Fondren Church Exterior 3.png

The 15,000 sq ft space will include:

1 Recreation/Event Space

4 Classroom/Meeting Rooms

1 Community Room

1 Community Kitchen

1 Conference Room

1 Large Meeting Room

An invitation to be a part...

We own a facility in the city, and we want it to be for the city. Right now, it is unfit and unsafe for that purpose. This project is bigger than Fondren Church, and we need your help. We are asking you to consider a one-time gift to help bring this concept to Jackson.

We want to transform this facility into a safe place that strengthens lives and secures futures through partners and nonprofits by providing opportunities for health and wellness, education, empowerment, and recovery for our community.