Fondren Church


Fondren Church desires for each individual to connect to God in new and deeper ways through the context of intentional community - people knowing people.

Why do we connect?
We believe that when you express our faith in love within the context of community you will connect to God in new ways! You were designed to connect, you were designed for intentional community.  We are committed to providing places where you will get to know people and can be known by people.


places to Connect:

Connect Hour

Connect Hour, a monthly opportunity for you to connect with others here at Fondren Church. It starts with learning one persons name, take one relationship from stranger to acquaintance!  You will also hear how you connect further through Groups and Serve Teams.   

The first Sunday of each month, 10:30 am, 2nd Floor Breezeway Room.


Get in a Group!

We encourage everyone to join a Group. Groups are based on where you live or spend most of your time, they meet all throughout town on all nights of the week.  You will experience intentional community, share a meal together and you will gather around the Word and Prayer.

Group for 10_11_16.jpg

Join a Serve team

Serve teams are where Sunday hospitality opens doors to you making new friendships while using your gifts to strengthen the church.   How can you use the things you are good at to help love those that come here on a Sunday?  From greeting, to parking, to kids, to worship team, God wants to use your gifts to build the church here at FC!