Fondren Church

We are
Fondren Church.

In the City, for the City.

sundays: 9:30 & 11



Sunday 12.2.18:
“The Wonder of the Word” 


Love Gives

is a three year plan to retire our debt, create a hospitality area, expand our kids space, and transform our gym into a community center.

faith + love

“The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love.”

Sundays at fondren:
Community gathered Together

Sunday gatherings are the primary way we gather as a church to worship together, learn from God’s Word, and encourage one another. We meet in two services, 9:30 in our gym, and 11am in our sanctuary.

our groups:
Out of rows, into circles.

Communities are the primary way that we gather during the week in homes across the city. In groups, we are practicing a New Testament model of the church meeting in homes and living life together.


We like to say that we’re a nondenominational church with stained glass windows. In many ways we are modern and unique, but at our core we are a traditional church striving to live out a biblical model. We gather on Sunday mornings in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, MS and throughout the week in homes across the city.