Fondren Church

Love Gives

is a three year plan to retire our debt, create a hospitality area, expand our kids space, and transform our gym into a community center.


Watch as Robert Green gives an overview of love gives.

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Beyond Us

Love Gives has the power to change our church and our community. As we unite in this endeavor, it will strengthen our faith, expand our generosity, and increase our impact. This isn't about Fondren Church, it's about others and trusting God to use us.


Retire debt

After outgrowing Duling Hall, we were left wondering what to do. That’s when Woodland Hills Baptist Church approached us for the space we now call home. God clearly called us to begin the restoration process to ensure a thriving church would always stand at 3327 Old Canton Road. We currently have $1.2 million of remaining debt on our initial renovations. We need your help to retire this debt.

Expand our KIDs Space

Families with children are the fastest growing group at Fondren Church. We need more space to continue engaging our families and discipling our children.

Create a hospitality area

We love the architecture of our building, but our commons doesn't provide for adequate hospitality space. We want intentional space to welcome guests, gather with one another, and connect people to groups, missions, and other opportunities.

Capacity Solutions

Future efficiency will allow us to be better stewards of God’s resources. As we walk into the future ownership of our campus, there are necessary upgrades and repairs to our facility that we must address soon. Our HVAC system was installed in the 1950s and in need of replacement, along with other elements of campus infrastructure.


Community Center

Fondren Church owns the only gym in this part of the city, but it is unsafe and unfit for use. We want to transform it into a safe place that strengthens lives and secures futures by providing opportunities for health and wellness, education, empowerment, and recovery for our community.To learn more about the plans for the community center,visit